Paintings and Etchings
Frans Horbach

Ink and Pastel on old newspapers, artist in residence/exp.
Christophe Gosselin

Photo Fresco, Oil Paintings and Photography
Maud Verbruggen


Solo dancer-choreographer has his debut exhibition as a painter at Casa Luna Amsterdam.

Remi Wörtmeyer is on a quest in which he communicates his choreographies and dance in a new way in his paintings. In his abstract works of recent years he seeks in minimalist color and form the movement or just the frayed edges of the brush as a fading line. In the past year, as a natural consequence of the choreography in which the body shows itself in changing movements, Remi has started with figurative sketches. In dance and in stillness he sketches the figures in a watercolor style on canvas and on paper. All figures run away or hide their faces. It is the movement in the form of the figures that Remi always tries to capture. The minimal use of color continues here. As if the rigidity of the stationary figures is too great, he needs to blur them in a glacies. The resulting images suggest movement.

Remi Wortmeyer (Australia)

Ink and Pastel on old newspapers, Artist in residence
Christophe Gosselin

Composer, Artist in residence
Chloe Charody

Singer, artist in residence
Alistair Shelton-Smith

Rick Triest

Photo Fresco and Photography
Maud Verbruggen


Paintings and Etchings
Birgit Hannebrook

Paris Photography
Soon Yee Cindy Cho, kweejibo stories

Drawings and Etchings
Birgit Hannebrook , Maud Verbruggen