1999 National Restoration Center Amsterdam
various Restoration Techniques and Guidance Execution Restorations
1979 - 1981 Rijksacademie v. Visual Arts Amsterdam, visual communication and photography
1968 - 1973 Rijksacademie v. Visual Arts Amsterdam and Jan van Eijkacademie Maastricht, scenography, painting, sculpture, graphics.

1995/ present Restoration of modern and ancient art.
Casa Luna Studio Amsterdam (an Open Studio for assignments from private individuals and companies).
1977/ present Working as a visual artist, mainly on commission.
Painting for Rai Amsterdam and Amsterdam Fashion City on Dam Square.
1970 - 1985 Various set designs including Opera Studio.
1969 - 1979 10 years of theater technique including Mickery Amsterdam, Holland Festival, Dutch Opera Foundation.
1971 - 1972 Theater Museum Amsterdam.
1968 - 1969 the Dutch Opera Foundation, decor studio.
1967 - 1968 Gallery Sothman Amsterdam.

Exhibitions: SOLO
1995/ present Casa Luna Amsterdam, new work every year.
1994 Gallery Liesbeth Lips Breda.
1988 VU University Hospital Amsterdam.
1987 Gallery Metz and Co Amsterdam.
Artoteek Osdorp Amsterdam retrospective exhibition and unveiling assignment.
1986 VU University Hospital Amsterdam.
1985 VU University Hospital Amsterdam.
1980 Galerie am platz- Eglisau-Zurich and ABN-Bank-Zurich-Switzerland.
1979 Gallery Asselijn Amsterdam.
1974 A.H. Gerhardthuis, Amsterdam.
Circus Theater Scheveningen
Designing pre- and watercolors for theater performances.

Exhibitions: GROUPS
1995/ present Casa Luna Amsterdam, annually.
1997 Museum Flehite Amersfoort, Building with Character.
1996 Helmond, Art Manifestation Artimond.
Amersfoort, Tower Exhibition.
1994 de Ploegh/Museum Flehite Amersfoort.
1991 Picaron Editions Amsterdam, cabinet 10 Big dreams.
1990 de Ploegh/Museum Flehite Amersfoort, Experimental Manifesto.
Museum de Zonnehof Amersfoort, Abstraction 2.
Noorderkerk Amsterdam, in collaboration with the Jordaan Festival.
1989 de Ruimte/Liesbeth Lips Amsterdam, Experimental Manifesto.
1988 Art trajectory Kattesloot Amsterdam.
1987 Keizersgracht 24 Amsterdam.
1985 Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam.
1983 New Church in Amsterdam, Manifestation Art = Existence.
SBK, Center for Textile Art Amsterdam.
1981 Gallery Asselijn Amsterdam.
1977 Gallery Asselijn Amsterdam.
1970/ 1974 Panorama Mesdag The Hague, annually with the Dutch Art Circle.

Ancillary activities:
1992 - 1998 member ABABK, Government Buildings Agency (Advisory Committee Appointment
members of the Visual Arts Advisory Group) of the Government Architect.
1992 organization Forum discussion ALIGNMENT POINT in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
a snapshot of the position of female visual artists).
1991 - 1994 member commission commissions and purchases of works of art, Gem. Laren (NH).
1988 member of the Committee for the Purchase/Hire of works of art Artoteken, Gem. Amsterdam.
1986 - 1989 member of the CABK (Committee of Advice of the Visual Arts) Av. Amsterdam.
(assignment committee art in the built environment)

1998 Several catalogs and newspapers, including Het Parool, Handelsblad and Volkskrant.
Amsterdam newspaper.
1996 Amersfoort from the height edition AKG de Ploegh in collaboration with. the Amersfoort newspaper.
1993 brochure of the Goudse Schouwburg.
1992 the Nar a theater work of art edition 30/9 '92 Maud Verbruggen
(a present for the Minister of Culture Mrs H d'Ancona).
1991 10 large Dreams edition Dutch spices Amsterdam.
1990 the box: Experimental Manifest artist edition.
1988 de Stilte an artist's book, with Saskia Roos/handbookbinder
for the BeNeLux competition the bound book.
1987 Maud Verbruggen -10 years Monumental and Free Work texts Ineke Afternoon.
1981 Groupe HPA (Histoire et Protection de l'Art) Lyon – France.

Work in collections:
Asselijn Amsterdam
Picaron Editions
Publisher GA van Oorschot Amsterdam
Printed Matter New York City USA
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
The Hague Municipal Museum.
Rijksmuseum Meermanno Westreenianum The Hague.
Amsterdam Visual Arts Foundation.
Royal Library The Hague.
Andreas Hospital Amsterdam.
VU University Hospital Amsterdam.
St. Lucas hospital Amsterdam.
eng. Bureau Terp for applied economics and spatial planning Amersfoort.
Technical Management Cons.eng. Amersfoort.
nv Energy production company UNA location Amsterdam/central Hemweg.

Assignments: EXECUTED
1999 de Hofnar - theater entrance de Hofnar in Valkenswaard.
1997 Chamsa for Living Amersfoort, in stainless steel and copper.
1996 Chamsa - a symbol of peace - tower exposition gem. Amersfoort .
1992 de Nar - a theater work of art - for the new Schouwburg in Gouda.
1989 -1990 Monumental photo painting in Cibachrome and acrylic for Council Chamber
district of the Baarsjes. Avg. Amsterdam (2.35mx 1.75m.)
Photography Fashion show Renee van Borselen in Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam.
1988 Photography Black and White Party Amstel Hotel Amsterdam.
Autonomous painting on panels, frieze in acrylic for ac.VU hospital Amsterdam.
1987 Facade object in enamel for Artoteek Osdorp, Amsterdam.
1983 - 1984 Painting on panels for outpatient clinic of the ac. VU hospital in Amsterdam.
1983 Sequence of 5 tapestries, woven in gobelin (wool). Title: Paper Perdus.
1982 Sequence of 5 paintings (egg tempera and collage) St. Lucas Hospital Amsterdam.
1980 Sequence of 5 Watercolors for the chapel of the Andreas Hospital Amsterdam.
Theme: water.
Wall painting, reflection of the entrance, playground side,
Kindergarten de Ganzebloem Amsterdam-Nieuwendam.
1979 Tapestry in gobelin woven (wool) for GGenGD Amsterdam, mental hygiene.
Theme: poppy field.
1978 3 Puzzles in wood kindergarten de Ganzebloem - variations on the mural.
1977 Wall painting entrance kindergarten De Ganzebloem Amsterdam Nieuwendam.
1975 30 drawings Style groups and cover cover idea
Theater workbook Grime and Haarstijlen by Henk van Dreumel.

Assignments: DESIGN
1999 Competition: Square design Oosterhout in collaboration with Uriel Design Group; Birgit Hannebrook,
Frans Horbach and Rob Schneiderman.
1997 Wild Plak Paal district Westerpark, municipality of Amsterdam idea sketch.
1996 Paving pattern + kiosk / magic tower -tiles, steel and copper tube –(2m x 3.60m).
Gas factory in which, among other things. theater group Amsterdam is located.
Paving pattern + kiosk / magic tower -tiles, steel and copper tube –(2m x 3.60m).
1991/92/93 Study assignment Municipality of Amsterdam for redevelopment and design
Paving pattern Columbusplein, district de Baarsjes, Amsterdam.
1992 Glass relief/appliqué Willemsparkschool, Amsterdam (5m x 2m).
1991 Lustrum Magic Tower for schools and Uitmarkt.
1986 Painting on panels Palmschool, Amsterdam Center (3m x 8m).
1983 - 1984 Painting on panels Radiotherapy, ac.VU–hospital Amsterdam (7m x 2.40m).
1983 Routing and facade object in enamel community center the Weesperplant Amsterdam.
6 x (1m x 1m x 1m).
1982 a light spatial art application for the glass roof - the void from outside
walking in- in combination with the entrance hall St. Lucas hospital Amsterdam
(sails of various sizes, max. 5m high).
1978 - 1980 Textile design (sequence of 5 tapestries in aokunstraffia) for the
entrance hall swimming pool Stichting AGO in Diemen 5x (1.40mx 1.40m). Theme: water.