Casa Luna Studio


Casa Luna: the Location

The historic 17th century canalhouse, Casa Luna,
in Amsterdam is dated 1616. (The name comes from the ‘moon embedded in the facade’).

Owner Maud Verbruggen has a Design Studio for visual and monumental art and two guestrooms.

The entrance hall is used as a galeryspace for presentations and exhibitions of contemparary art and design.

There are two design guestrooms.

The house is an historic monument in the centre of the historic heart of Amsterdam ( on Unesco heritage list). The Art Studio shows a subtile combination of Old and Modern Art. The Mapmaker and bookdealer Visser worked here around 1735.
Over the centuries the house was a place to work and live. In the tradition of the house the old arts have been restored and new artpieces have been made. After years of restauration the history has become visible.

We hereby invite you to visit our home.