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Outdoor activities

An introduction to the outdoor attractions in the area.


Going to Amsterdam North, crossing the water IJ behind Central Station by ferry you can bicycle along the watersite totally up to the old fishermans villages Volendam and Marken. A beautiful trip.

Amsterdam Tulip Days in May

For centuries Amsterdam has been associated with the legendary Tulip. Originating from the palace gardens in Constantinople the bulb is introduced to the Dutch merchant at the beginning of the 17th century with a true tulip rage in Amsterdam as a result. With the bulbs still in the ground the merchants manage to sell them at extraordinary high levels. The Tulipmania is born. All falls apart when the estimated prices for the bulbs are not met. Rumour spreads quickly and the tulip market collapses like a house of cards. Two months later the Tulip mania has ended, many tulip afficianados go bankrupt, but Amsterdam is forever connected to the bulb.

Nowadays the tulip is hardly present in the city anymore. A great pity: Amsterdam should be overflowing with tulips.

However, next spring during the month of May lots of tulips and other bulbs can be seen in Amsterdam.

Oen Garden Days in June

Every year in the third weekend of June the Amsterdam Open Garden Days are held. Each year the Open Garden days are being organized around a theme.

The gardens will be open all three days from 10 am to 5 pm.

Hortus botanicus anno 1638

Natura Artis Magistra / Zoo anno 1838

Zaanse Schans; the mills