Casa Luna Studio


Exhibition 2013-2015


Birgit Hannebrook  Paintings and Etchings            

Soon Yee Cindy Cho, kweejibo stories Paris Photography 

Birgit Hannebrook and Maud Verbruggen Paintings and Etchings


june and sept: Remi Wörtmeyer  Paintings and aquarels 

"Remi Wörtmeyer records movement on paper in his first series of figurative drawings and paintings.A star dancer-choreographer in his own right, Remi demonstrates an "insider" understanding of shape, gesture and momentum.

Using layered transparent colour he creates marginal edges together with brush lines that are vage and undefined. This reduces the solidity of the still standing figure and creates magnetic images that suggest movement. Remi's figures appear to hide their faces or move away from the viewer. They inhabit a soft and surreptitious space between the physical and the imagined."Maud Verbruggen, curator & mentor, June 2014

Look also at the short film at the link from Nationaal Ballet.

Christophe Gosselin  Ink and Pastel on old newspapers, Artist in Residence in july

Chloé Charody,  composer, Artist in Residence 

Alistair Shelton-Smith, bariton, Artist in Residence 


Maud Verbruggen Fotofresco and Fotography  

Rick Triest, Paintings

Frans Horbach Paintings and etchings,

Christophe Gosselin Ink and Pastel on old newspapers, Artist in Residence 

Maud Verbruggen  Fotofresco, Oilpaintings and Fotography 

Casey Herd Principal dancer at the Nationaal Ballet Amsterdam, Artist in Residence.